Starting a successful auto repair business does not happen by accident. Managing your business on a day to day basis with information about the market, advertising, analyzing the competition could help a lot, but having a loyal customer base who trust your work, well, that is the real secret of the success.


Otto and Lenke Molnar - husband and wife - bought Raybern Motors Ltd. in 2003 and have been able to successfully manage it ever since. Otto himself was one of the reliable employees, who knew every bit of the business and what was happening to it and its customers at every time.


Lenke manages the office, takes care of booking, invoicing. When your machine is down, getting replacement parts FAST is what really matters, and Lenke is good at it also. If Otto is the heart and the hand of the business, than Lenke is the brain. She also spent several years in the automotive repair and service industry as an administrative personel. Her experience is a great asset to the business. Among friends and family she is also renowned for her expertise in cooking authentic Hungarian foods and sweet dishes.


Otto has a really good reputation as a car mechanic - he has been involved in automotive repair and service industry since 1966. He can hear and understand those weird mechanical noises what others bearly can. He is also famous for his good heart, friendly manner, affordable services. Otto is a lover of outdoor life; he is an angler himself with uncommon passion and experience of fishing for trout, walleye and pike.


Lenke and Otto were born in Hungary and they immigrated to Canada with their young daughter in 1981. By that time Otto got an extensive knowledge and fifteen years' experience regarding top European car brands (like Saab, Audi, Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, Porsche), this is why he specilaized to these brands in Canada, although he regularly repairs domestic cars as well. He got his Canadian Automotive Mechanic Licence in 1982. He keeps proudly mentioning that he had been employed by only two repair shops in Canada and Raybern Motors was the second one, where he spent several years as a mechanic, evolving to having a really good influence on the business and later buying it.


It's also part of the success story that just after three years' independent operation they were able to move their business into a larger repair shop, closer - almost walking distance - to Calgary downtown, extending the capacity of the repair shop and the workflow. By the advantageous features of the new building they were able to fit lifts to handle taller trucks or even industrial vehicles and utilize all the tools and diagnostic equipment needed to work on even the newest of vehicles. As the business is growing, many new customers get hooked up with the company just by friendly referrals.


In early spring of 2013 the commercial lease of the mechanic shop has expired, ultimately the owner of the property couldn't sign the lease with Raybern Motors again for personal reasons. After a frantic effort to find a similar place for auto repair shop in close proximity in a tight market, Otto and Lenke finally came across a promising lease opportunity. The site is situated a little bit farther (approximately 2 km) from the C-Train line, but - as a basic courtesy - Otto is always willing to give a ride to those in needs. This new garage has more parking place for the clientele, it comes with an elegant office and more room for equipment, parts and even for the staff, so the relocation was necessary and hard, but not without benefits. The place is easy to reach, although, it is not so easy to find for the first-timer as it is hiding at the upper and separate section of 11 Street SE. Coming from south to north, 11 Street SE abruptly runs into 12 Street SE, but continues north about a half-mile upstream to 42 Ave. SE (at the Century Casino Calgary and Calgary Fire Department 16). Since this short chunk of 11th Street is not exposed to much traffic, usually nobody knows about its existence.


If you are not familiar with this neighbourhood, please give Otto a call (403-252-8144) or check the map on the contact page for direction.


According to Otto’s favourite proverb, life is not for sissies - if he was able to handle this Moving Mayhem, repairing your car is just a piece of cake for him.


In early 2016, the shop was forced to hire a new technician to manage the increased workload of the rapidly growing business. Otto had soon become an employer and mentor of a young mechanic, who showed outstanding skills in electrical systems repair. Tamás (Tommy) was born in Canada from Hungarian parents; he grew up in Calgary, but has lived and worked overseas, as well, for several years. He’s fluent in both English and Hungarian. Tamás is trained to troubleshoot and diagnose circuit conditions (without tearing up wire harnesses, panels, carpets) to locate open or shorted circuits, to diagnose fuel injectors, sensor signals, computer outputs, resistance readings. He often helps Otto with regular repair jobs, too, precisely documenting his work even by taking photos of every major change he makes on his assignments. He’s a well mannered, quiet guy, who makes a refreshing change in the business taking the fear-factor out of common and uncommon electrical projects.