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When I had my Jaguar, Otto was the first mechanic I met that did not look at me like a walking mortgage payment when I walked in the door. A couple of the jobs that he did for me were about a third of what I was quoted by Jaguar Calgary. When he replaced parts in my car he showed me the parts he took out and what was wrong with them. No one has done that for me since, well, my dad. Even though he complained to me bitterly about how expensive Jaguar parts were every time I was there, I loved it because of the charming way he said `Yag-u-arr`. I drive by his shop sometimes on my way to work and I often see him in his yard walking around cars with his customers, often young men, and I think the work he does, mentoring people about their cars and taking time with them is so much greater than the very excellent work he does with automobiles. If he doesn`t know how to fix your car, he knows someone who does. Otto is the guy that knows the guy which is so much more important than knowing everything. I needed work done on my transmission that he admitted he did not know how to do. He asked me, "You want cheap, or you want best?" I told him I wanted the best, so that`s what he got me; he called some poor guy out of retirement at Chestermere to fix my car, and I have no doubt it still cost me less than what I would have paid at the dealership. Easily the best experience I have ever had with a mechanic in my life. Much love for Otto and his lovely wife!

Otto will take your car in even if you messed up your own DIY job. I didn`t bring my engine to top dead center and I bent some valves when doing some engine work. He was able to fix my car within a week. With Tunedub I couldn`t get an appointment tell a month later and Tony`s wouldn`t take my car because I messed it up myself which is totally understandable. The price is reasonable and probably the same as most other places.

If you want your VW fixed, then call this company. Otto knew what the problem was after spending more than $2000 at other places and getting things done that were not the problem, I called Otto at Raybern Motors, he got the car in and fixed it for hundreds of dollars less than anyone else quoted me. I was treated with respect and professionalism and was not given a piece of garbage work. He did the job thoroughly and did not send the car home until he felt it was fixed 100%. He was the first person I dealt with who knew what he was talking about. Not even VW itself could fix it properly, even after spending more than $2000 with them. I would trust him with my car anytime! Thanks Otto, you are simply the best man for the job. I am happy that he did not simply look at my car for the money but for the passion of being a mechanic and doing a great job!

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